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Williams Academy Black History Museum Presents 20th of May Emancipation Day Virtual Exhibit

Emancipation was proclaimed in Tallahassee on May 20, 1865, 11 days after the end of the Civil War, and two years after the Proclamation first issued by President Abraham Lincoln freed those enslaved in Southern states. For this reason, Emancipation Day is traditionally celebrated on.

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What does Emancipation Day – Winning Essay

What Emancipation Day May 20th Means to Me | Contest was sponsored by the Florida Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. “What does Emancipation Day, May 20th mean to me?”. Explain the historical significance of Emancipation Day, May 20th, 1865, and describe what this day means to you. Opportunity “We the People,” the first three words of the United States Constitution, is a potent phrase that conveys a sense of [...]

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Dunbar Easter Parade Founder Evelyn Sams Canady (ENCORE)

This Sunday marks the Easter Holiday and here in Southwest Florida residents are gearing up for a long-held tradition in Fort Myers that today attracts tens of thousands of people:  The Dunbar Easter Parade.  This week’s encore essay from News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams pays homage to the legendary local woman who founded the parade74 years ago. Evelyn Sams Canady was an educator as well as an important civic and religious leader [...]

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The Lee County Black History Society offers a glimpse into history

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Friday is the start of Black History Month, and we want to share with you the history of some African American heritage in Southwest Florida. The Lee County Black History Society building is the perfect way to kick off the celebration. It’s located at 1936 Henderson Avenue in Fort Myers, and the building was actually the first government-funded black school in Fort Myers. Inside, there are walls [...]

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