Standing committees of the Board of Directors

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE includes the formal structure of the Board which includes the by-laws, articles of incorporation, and Board composition. It also has to do with managing the talent on the board. Having a nominating committee that focuses on board compensation, managing the board culture and identifying the background, skills and experience of board members, ensures a diverse set of gifts and perspectives.

STATEGIES AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE provides a clear roadmap or direction to help staff people understand the actions that will move the organization in that agreed upon direction, the actions that won’t, and serve as a framework for prioritizing the day- to- day work to achieve the agreed upon goals.

FIDUCIARY COMMITTEE will assist the organization in making financial decisions which may include cash flow, budget and balance sheets. The board must also be attentive to the proper management of all kinds of resources, including investments for the future, and the people who work as paid members of the staff.

Back Row (L-R)
Lee Ford, Vice Chairman
Johnny Ervin, Board member
Charles Barnes, Chairman

Front Row (L-R)
Teresa Watkins-Brown, Board member
Herbia Green, Secretary
Harriet Myers, Treasurer
Shirley Burns, Asst. Treasurer